10 Ways to make the most of your career

Are you happy in your career? Would you like a change? Before you seriously consider this, make sure you have made the most of your current situation. Here are ten ways to do it.

Is the grass greener?
Before you jump into a new career or the search for one, make sure you are not jumping from the fry pan into the fire. Make sure you have reached your peak of your current situation. By that I mean, go out on top – knowing you did your job as well as possible. This was some wise counsel offered to me when I was considering leaving my teaching career.

When you leave one career for another, make sure you leave knowing you have seen the best of it. Leaving with a negative perspective on a former career is not an ideal way to set yourself up for a new one. Leave with a perspective of success, with the expectation that you will find similar success in a new career.

Ways to make the most of your career

  • Seek out and engage with interesting and challenging aspects to your work
  • Recognise the positive impact your work has on others
  • Take every opportunity to learn and grow
  • Ensure your work and personal life fit together
  • Find ways to use your strengths at work
  • Build strong relationships with colleagues
  • Find ways to have your achievements and contributions recognised
  • Build a team that works well together
  • Develop autonomy in how you do your work
  • Strive to find new insights in your field, industry and yourself

A matter of perspective
Reviewing your own situation means getting perspective. If you are unable to do that on your own, draw on trusted professional contacts or friends and seek their help in getting perspective on your current career. Ask them to help you

  • get perspective on your success in your current role
  • acknowledge your strengths
  • find areas/ways to develop

Sometimes you need the help of another to “see” past the obstacles of familiarity. It could be the best thing you do for your career.

Reference: @moniquevalcour

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