5 things to help create a productive work space

Photo credit - Markus Spiske via unsplash.com

Photo credit – Markus Spiske via unsplash.com

Do you work at home, in the office or the local cafe? All locations have their benefits. But what about your personal requirements for optimal productivity?

Here are a few things to consider.

It is suggested that physical clutter overloads your senses. The impact? Sensation of stress. Limitations on your ability to think creatively.

  • Establish limits for how much clutter accumulates. This includes things on your desk and the number of tabs open on your computer. Real or virtual clutter has a similar impact.
  • Reduce storage space. Less room = less space for clutter.
  • Review your space regularly. Take time to clean, sort, and discard things in your space every month.
  • Set up a daily declutter routine. Clear your desktop at the end of each workday to start with a clean slate the following day.

Work in inspiring places.
New environments can quite lead to new ideas. Some people in “hot-desking” situations get to choose a new work spot every day. Not so, for those with set desks/offices. However, there are always opportunities to work in different spots at different times of day. Things to do:

  • Choose a spot with natural light eg from a window or skylight.
  • Take a walk outside when you feel stuck.
  • Explore a new location.

Work in different places for different tasks.
Set up multiple workspaces for different tasks to move your mind into a certain flow.

Work smarter.
Focus on the things you need to do, by removing distractions.

  • Lock away distracting items like phones and gaming devices.
  • Close tabs at the end of the day.

Look after your senses.
Sounds around you and music can have a huge impact on your productivity. If you can’t find quiet, try noise cancelling headphones or music to drown out speech and help you regain focus.

Plus one more  … Know thyself
How well do you know your own habits and needs? Are there times of day when your energy flags and you need to do different work?

  • Plan your day for more focused, higher-level thinking when energy is high (usually in the morning)
  • Allocate more “active” work – moving around, physical tasks – when your energy is low.
  • Take frequent breaks to refresh between bouts of intensive work.

What works for you?

 Source: Five Ways to Optimize Your Workspace for Productivity

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