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Photo credit - http://www.travelvictoria.com.au/northmelbourne/photos/

Photo credit – http://www.travelvictoria.com.au/northmelbourne/photos/

Every now and then you stumble across something delightful. Sometimes it is a person who piques your interest unexpectedly. Other times it will be an object that has been long-searched for that turns up in an unlikely place. And then there are those times when you hear a snippet of a story – that tugs on your curiosity until you investigate it on the internet.

The latter is my latest find. I came in on an ABC radio story with a writer, talking about the stories behind places. The raconteur was Nick Gadd.  He writes essays about Melbourne, history, literature, music and suburban life.

His blog at MelbourneCircle.net is about his account of walks around Melbourne, starting at Williamstown and walking in a clockwise direction around Melbourne. He says the stories are an experiment in psychogeography!

Psychogeography is an attempt to understand a place by experiencing it at close range, and seeking to make a connection with the lives and the stories embedded in the place.
~ Nick Gadd

This social sciencey approach to travel – albeit inner suburban commute distances – appeals to me. It is great to find out the stories behind places. And, when there are stories about your own neighbourhood … it’s an extra bonus!

And … voilà … some North Melbourne stories:

A walk along Victoria Street (part 1)

A walk along Victoria Street (part 2)

Layers of Ghosts on Abbotsford Street

Enjoy your first taste of psychogeography!

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