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Photo credit - David Marcu via Unsplash

Photo credit – David Marcu via Unsplash

I recently read a post entitled Leading the Life you Want which I thought was worth sharing. Achieving your life goals probably has timeless appeal in the busy world of work. So why is this article worthy of mention? I think because it is positive. It provides success stories as well as the elements that each of us might hone to our own bespoke lifestyle.

I have recently had conversations with a number of professional women about work and the challenges of progressing their careers. I want to send it to each one to them to consider – not because it offers a “you CAN have it all” solution – rather it offers a positive yet realistic perspective.

Work life – balance or fit?
In a conversation with an executive from a professional services firm a few years ago, I was told  his firm didn’t refer to work-life balance, rather work-life fit. Initially I envisaged someone trying to fit everything in. He explained. It was that life in the 21st century isn’t balanced and it wasn’t fair to suggest it could be. Instead, it was proposed that managing your work and other parts of your life, was about making everything you wanted in your life, fit together. He made a valid point. It would be naive to think that you can do and have everything in perfect balance.

Work life harmony?
The Forbes piece talks about this issue under the topic of leadership. It cites the work of Stewart Friedman, in his book Leading the Life You Want – Skills for Integrating Work and Life. Friedman takes a realistic look at the work-life tussle and writes about seeking harmony. I suppose that is similar to fit except that it connotes something more positive about energy, synergy and calm!

I haven’t read the book – but I think I might. The article suggests that Friedman looks at how to achieve success while maintaining work-life balance. He looks at a number of successful people and identifies the approaches they have in common and the skills required to craft your own approach. It sounds like it gives you the tools you need. Over to you, to show how you would use them to lead you life the way YOU want to.

What do you think? Does this have legs? Have you worked out any answers you would be willing to share? I would love to hear from you.

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