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Melbourne and art go hand in hand.  From the National Gallery of Victoria that houses paintings from Australia’s iconic painters, to the graffiti clad alleyways of the CBD, the city plays host to a broad range of art work. Many of these are in public spaces, adding to the aesthetic of CBD streetscapes, to transport hubs and recreation zones.

This weekend, crowds will gather in the city centre for the Moomba Festival – enjoying the fanfare of the parade as well as the riverside fair. One hopes the crowds will also look up – and see some of the city’s great examples of public art.

In December 2014 the Melbourne City Council endorsed a new Public Art Framework for 2014-17. The program has a goal of building and maintaining a creative city. To do this the Public Art Program Advisory Panel asked the people of Melbourne about their expectations and priorities for public art on the city. The philosophy? Public art is for everyone.

It starts lively conversations about its meanings and its merits, and ignites new ways for people to relate to the world and each other.

You can read more about the public art program here.

Below are some images of the public art currently available outdoors, for the people of Melbourne and the city’s visitors.

Installation by Deborah Halpern - Ophelia

Deborah Halpern’s Ophelia – Photo credit: Melbourne Art Critic

 Photo credit - Melbourne Art Critic

Deborah Halpern’s Angel, photo credit – Melbourne Art Critic











Alley Art

Photo credit – Sam’s


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That’s Melbourne! Enjoy the weekend. 

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