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Induction into a new world of work

Even though I started working in the ski school a few weeks ago, I only recently attended the company induction program. Sixty-five of us were there. This was new for me. I am usually on the other side delivering the training. So began the first of many changes in my new world of work.

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A benchmark in friendship

Photo credit - Khurt Williams via

Photo credit – Khurt Williams via

Reading the Sunday papers over breakfast and coffee is one of my favourite past-times. Even though many suggest there is little content in the Sunday edition, I find there are entertaining pieces and thought starters in there. This Sunday was no exception when I read a piece about The Talking Park Bench.

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Snow-change with many happy returns …

Photo credit - Amy Munn

Photo credit – Amy Munn

Terry and Rowan are familiar faces at Mt Hotham ski resort. After Rowan celebrated her 50th birthday by spending a winter there, she and Terry keep returning. This is their story.

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Beyond blue to green

Photo credit - Jason Ortego via

Photo credit – Jason Ortego via

A belief that contact with nature ameliorates stress and benefits humans can be found in the earliest documented histories of China, Greece and Persia.
~ Townsend and Weerasuriya, 2010

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A little bit of Melbourne treasure


Photo credit -

Photo credit –

Every now and then you stumble across something delightful. Sometimes it is a person who piques your interest unexpectedly. Other times it will be an object that has been long-searched for that turns up in an unlikely place. And then there are those times when you hear a snippet of

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Background photo credit - Gabriel Santiago via

Background photo credit – Gabriel Santiago via

The two hundredth post is here. Those posts have covered all sorts of topics from all sorts of sources. There have been highlights and lowlights – but I’m still here. In two hundred more, where will I be? More things to do, places to see and people to meet. Will you be one of them?

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Are you a human being or a human doing?

Photo credit Dingzeyu Li via

Photo credit Dingzeyu Li via

Back in the corporate world, I’m finding it is easy to get caught up in the “busy-ness” of work life. Where workplaces are downsizing and introducing efficiency measures all the time, there is also the demand for more. Achieving more with less is often the catch-cry. But how do you do this and retain your sense of self? How do you retain your state if being, rather than becoming someone always doing?

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Am I ready for the big reveal?

Photo credit - author's own

Photo credit – author’s own

The big reveal! On the reality TV renovation shows, there is a lot of build up to the moment when they reveal the outcome of the rebuilding and building renewal efforts that entertain viewers each week. There will be no such drama associated with mine, which will probably happen next week!

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A conversation about a meaningful life

Beyond Belief

I recently listened to a conversation with Hugh Mackay about how to lead a meaningful life. Hugh Mackay is a social researcher who shares his observations and insights about life. His latest book is Beyond Belief which examines the search for meaning.

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