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How to find your strengths?


Stack of books

Do you do what you do best, every day?

Chances are you don’t. Too often our natural talents go untapped … from … cradle to … cubicle, we devote more time to finding our shortcomings than to developing our strengths.
~ Tom Rath, Strengths Finder 2.0

Want to change that?

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How to regain composure – in 4 seconds

Photo credit - Ashish Coudhary via Pixabay

Photo credit – Ashish Coudhary via Pixabay

What pushes your buttons? Is it traffic and drivers behaving badly? Or software that keeps booting you out of the system? Caught in meetings that run late? Whatever the cause, you will be well-regarded if you are able to “keep your cool” regardless. Here’s a tip to manage this.

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6 reasons I love living in Melbourne

Melbourne coffee

For several years, Melbourne has been the winner of the most liveable city award in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) liveability survey.  It doesn’t surprise me. I love it – and here are six reasons why.

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6 ways to enhance your willpower

Photo credit - Brian Chan via Unsplash

Photo credit – Brian Chan via Unsplash

Having made some new year’s resolutions, do you have the willpower to carry them through? Where do you get that willpower?

What if it was something you could develop?

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What’s driving your resolutions?

NY res postcard


Did you develop some new year resolutions? Have you ever wondered why we make them? And, if you don’t ever keep them, what’s the point?

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Holiday season reflections – 5 ways to start 2016 well

25 Dec

The end of year festivities and accompanying holidays are a great time to reflect on the year and think about the new one to come.  What will you do to start 2016 well?

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