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A resort comes to life

Photo credit -

Photo credit –

Niseko refers to an area – a mountain range and a municipal area. The population of this area was just under 10,000 in 2012. In the same period, it exploded to a population of approximately 200,00 in the peak snow season. Currently the resort is nowhere near that but things are slowly coming to life.

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What you can learn from travel

Photo credit - Luis Llerena via

Photo credit – Luis Llerena via

Travel is educative. Even though you aren’t engaged in a formal learning program, you are picking up so many things informally. I was reminded of that travelling here and settling into some temporary accommodation. We have already had some challenges to provoke our learning.

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A new door opens …

Photo credit - Michael Ramey via

Photo credit – Michael Ramey via

What happens when you try something new? Is it like stepping out on the skinny branches of the tree of life? Do you wobble and fall? Is there a rush of adrenalin or an anxiety attack? It’s all part of the journey, right? Well we’re about to start ours!

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Making the most of a short-term contract

Photo credit - Thomas Lefebvre via unsplash,com

Photo credit – Thomas Lefebvre via unsplash,com

Flexible lifestyles require flexible work arrangements. Fortunately for me, I have been able to secure this sort of work. I recently looked through some archived business tips, that addressed how to get the most out of short-term work arrangements. So, with the benefit of hindsight, I thought I should review the advice!

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Last Hotham run; next run Japan


Dargo Valley – photo author’s own

As one ski season ends we ready ourselves for another … The snow is melting and the white cover is shrinking to reveal the plants that have been suppressed until now. They bounce back with vigour over the last days of the snow season. Season end brings many good-byes as well as the anticipation of the next – for us – Japan!

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A long lead to a proposal


Heart-shaped lock hanging from a steel railing with a beach scene in the background

Photo credit – Alex Martinez via

After my post A decent proposal, I invited people to share their proposal stories with me. I was delighted to receive this one – even though it really wasn’t a proposal at all. The couple in this story have been together for years, and have now decided to get married. Previously they avoided the marriage question by mutual agreement. That all changed in April.

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The value of a fiver

Photo source: Reserve Bank of Australia

Photo source: Reserve Bank of Australia

A new Australian five dollar note has recently been released. Five dollars. A fiver! What does it buy you? According to a friend, he finds far too many things are now $5.

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A decent proposal …

Photo credit - Ben Rosset via

Photo credit – Ben Rosset via

Friends of ours recently got engaged. They had been together for five years before the question was popped, at the summit of a snow-covered slope.  The excitement and happiness of the moment is evident in their faces. Smiles. Shining eyes. Gazing at the engagement ring. It is just the beginning. But that beginning – that proposal – is important. 

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The link between rituals and productivity

Photo credit - Jeremy Ricketts via

Photo credit – Jeremy Ricketts via

Do you have a routine that sets you up for the day? Something that seems to lead to a successful and productive day? And if you don’t do it, do things still go as well? Have you ever wondered why this is so?

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