Day eight: Natural world and leading lines

Japanese anemone L two thirds (2)

Japanese anemones blow in the breeze of my somewhat disorganised garden.  They are beautiful delicate flowers that I look forward to at the end of summer.  From the photo you will see lines on the petals that I think draw your eye to the centre of the flower.  These are able to be appreciated in close up but not really by the general passer-by.

In terms of composition, the flower takes up the left hand two-thirds I think, letting the eye wander (and wonder) – what lies in the background to the right?  I sometimes prefer the subject off-centre – it feels more interesting.


Passing this fern in a garden bed in the CBD I could not resist the radiating fronds.  Once again, I think these lines draw the observer’s attention to the centre of the fern where you see the leaf litter that is breaking down and “feeding” the plant.  Once again, an off-centre composition is more interesting than a centred one – although I am not sure that I have observed the thirds strictly.

Interested in your advice on either or both of these @rootjosh.

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