Photo credit - Edu Lauton via

Photo credit – Edu Lauton via

In keeping with the “five on Friday” theme – here are some questions I am oft asked …

Where do you get ideas to blog about?
I try to keep an open mind about blog post topics. As a curious person, I talk to lots of people about lots of things. These give me ideas. I read things that I think are worth sharing. I draw on books, Harvard Business Review, Strategy & Business and other blogs I follow or sites I subscribe to. Mostly I prefer to talk to people and then write about them, their lifestyle or something they have shared with me.

How do you manage to blog so often?
I have made a routine of blogging. You will notice I intersperse blog posts with a quote of the day. This gives me some respite, while giving you (the reader) something to think about. I try to connect ideas in a week with quotes. Sometimes, things take ages to get into manageable shape. There is so much to share but it is not always workable. If I get ideas along the way that I am not ready for, I store them away for those moments when I am “stuck”!

Why do you blog?
Actually it is an outlet. I like sharing things that may help others. I cannot always do that in my day job. This provides a platform for me to put things “out there” for people to read if they want to. Some people have told me that they have learnt a lot through it – which is great. Others find it a positive read – which is also a good contrast in a world where negativity often prevails.

What have you wanted to blog about but missed the opportunity?
I have been walking to work, to my corporate job in the CBD. I walk through a park. When I first started this, I noticed a man in a suit, playing a trombone under a tree. My thoughts were that he was an apartment-dweller who was “practising” in a place that wouldn’t annoy the neighbours. I mused on this for a bit then decided to approach him and see if he would let me interview him. Alas, the next time I walked that way – he was gone and I haven’t seen him since!

Are you happy with your blog?
I am pleased with many aspects of my blog. My writing within short time frames is improving. I like its look and feel. I am a little disappointed that there is not more interaction from readers. I can’t force that though. If people aren’t commenting they clearly are comfortable to do so. Maybe I need to increase my readership – that will only happen with better writing that moves people to share posts with others. It is a project that satisfies my creative and professional interests somewhat.

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