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Photo credit - Timothy Muza via Unsplash

Photo credit – Timothy Muza via Unsplash

Do you want to be smarter?

What kind of question is that? Who doesn’t … but how?

Something happened on the way through my email this morning. I was presented with lists – lists of resources for learning things, for being smarter. For a curious cat like me, that is dangerous.

I always want to look, to try, to get a feel. Curated lists are one of the benefits of social learning. Somebody takes the time to review, collate and share them. Thanks to Dara Fontein, Blog Writer at Hootsuite and Bethany Noble, writer at Collective Hub, for their sharing.

So are you game? Curious? Willing to click and explore? Off you go:

Of course, I can provide you with the lists. You can read them, leave them or pull them towards you and engage.

Do you have others to share? Please do in the comments are below.

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