Friday food treat: Soba noodles



There are many kinds of noodles available in Japan. One such variety is soba noodles. These are made of buckwheat flour and resemble spaghetti in terms of thickness. Soba noodles are used in various hot and cold dishes. 

Soba noodles are boiled and eaten hot in soups, or cold dipped in sauce. They can be purchased fresh, or dried in the same way that pasta can be purchased. Likewise, the freshly made noodles done by hand are considered to be the best.

Soba noodle dishes
IMG_5870Soba noodles are cooked in broth with different combinations of meat, vegetables and mushrooms. Often an egg will be added to the dish as well. Sometimes the egg is mixed through the dish (as left) and others it is dropped in and left to cook in the heat of the dish.

Tempura soba is a meal where soba noodles are served hot or cold. This is usually served with a seafood/vegetables cooked in tempura batter and various garnishes.

Soba noodles are easy to work with and provide a different taste and texture to various dishes. Enjoy!


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