Friday food treat: Sukiyaki


A recent meal out featured Sukiyaki Hokkaido style! Cooked at the table it was a delicious meal. What’s more it doesn’t look too hard to recreate!

Sukiyaki6What is sukiyaki?
Sukiyaki is prepared and served in the nabemono or Japanese hot pot style. It is made with thinly sliced beef that is slowly simmered at the table with vegetables and other ingredients (eg mushrooms, tofu).

Sukiyaki is cooked in a shallow pot in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar and mirin. As the meal slowly comes to a simmer, the ingredients are mixed together.

How to eat SukiyakiSukiyaki4
Once cooked, the heat is turned down low and the ingredients in the hot-pot are selected from the pot with chopsticks. They are dipped in a small bowl of raw eggs, then eaten.

Recipes suggest the eggs are beaten, but ours was just broken into a bowl that we dipped out hot ingredients into and swirled around. No matter – the effect was the same – really tasty!

Sukiyaki1The pictures say it all here. You can see the range of vegetables in the pot. They just gradually changed colour and cooked in the bubbling liquid. The meat was very thinly sliced. Not sure how they do that – it is like it is laser-cut.


Anyway, another one for experimentation. Itadakimasu!


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