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What do we learn from life? Sometimes nothing – as evidenced by the mistakes we repeat! Other times – lots! There are people we meet who have great life lessons to share. This is where I plan to share some.

Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on.
~ Unknown

Life lessons?
Whether they be young or old, different people have experiences that teach them life lessons. Some realise them – others don’t. Which are you?

Young or old, people have different responses to things that happen to them. Sometimes they need several exposures to the same experience to get the life lesson. It’s not that there is anything wrong. It is just the human condition. We don’t always pay attention to the important things.

Learning lessons
Sometimes things can be presented to us that don’t look like lessons. They come in the form of a habitual response to something. Recognising them as lessons is the hard part. 

Try reading this taken from Alcholics anonymous. There is a resonance in its message.

The story of falling into a hole

Step 1: I walk on a pathway, and I stumble over and fall into a hole in front of me I didn’t see.
I fall inside, and due to my deep wounds, I die inside, impossible to get out, helpless, not able to scream for help.

Step 2: I walk on a pathway, I fall into a hole in front of me, as I’m down there I curse the world and the people who made that hole, and stay trapped, isolated, full of anger, thinking how unfair the world is.
People passing by want to help, for they see me hurt, but  I curse them, shout on them, making them responsible for that hole in the road and not warning me.

Step 3: I walk on a pathway, I fall into a hole in front of me, as I sit down there and have some time in the dark, I sit and think and look for ways to get out.
When a person walks by, I scream and ask for help, I reach out my hand to his hand and I pull myself out of the hole.

Step 4: I walk on a pathway, I see a hole in front of me, I walk carefully around.

Step 5: I walk on a pathway, I see a whole on that path, I decide to take another pathway … there are so many.

You should never regret anything in life. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.
~ Unknown

Something to look forward to
I am looking forward to sharing these stories with you. Hope you are too. If you have suggestions for stories to tell – please share them below.

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