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Mt Hotham - photo author's own

Mt Hotham – photo author’s own

Lifestyle, learning and lots more is what this blog offers. Hopefully it fulfils on that. There are a few more things coming in the “lots more” area … 

In the near future, we welcome a guest blogger to talk about things in the lifestyle space.  More of that later this week.

As we swing into the winter season, we interview more people who take part in snowsports and the snow-change lifestyle. There will be more stories about how people manage this kind of lifestyle.

Our flexible lifestyle
We ourselves (Monsieur Contrôleur and I), are also in the throes reinstating our flexible lifestyle aspirations. I am working four days a week in a corporate job, on a six-month contract. It involves three days in the office and one day working from home. Mr Contrôleur is soon to resume his ski instructor vocation, kicking off on 11 June when the ski season in Victoria, officially opens.

We will live separately for the beginning of the week – he on the mountain, me in town. I intend to work from my “ski resort home” one day, then spend the remainder of the week there. It’s a plan that will be subject to others factors – fatigue, other demands, and snow! If there is none, our routines may change.

2016 version
This year we manage a ski lodge of two – we two! We purchased an apartment which means we can run our own show. It means we can come and go when we want to. We have been arranging it to suit us and our requirements. We have installed the necessary coffee machine, and various other conveniences.

This in itself offers us flexibility. We are available to take up opportunities that may arise without the incumbent responsibilities that come with lodge management. We will miss the social interaction with members and guests but hope to make up for that in other apres-ski ways.

Recovery and lifestyle
Part of my decision to take a job in the city, was influenced by a need to earn money in a meaningful way. There are limited jobs available within a ski resort. At entry level, I would probably find work but there is always the threat of being over-qualified, and people wondering what you really want from the position.


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For me, purposeful and engaging work is important. I am seeking to use my skills and apply them, where they are appreciated. Working part-time is a good option too. I can still maintain a good balance of other activities.

So, with the arrival of winter, comes lots of exciting activities. Skiing. Snow. Reuniting with a community of people. Variety. Work and snowsport play!

What about you? What is your winter entertainment/engagement?


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