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Snow lifestyleWhen people talk lifestyles, the accompanying pictures often have deck chairs – but also palm trees, poolside waiters and drinks with cocktail umbrellas propped in the top.  This photo, taken outside a restaurant in Telluride CO, was not posed.  There were others occupied by skiers taking in some sunshine, but the waiters and exotic drinks were absent.  So, you will notice, were the crowds.  It was a gorgeous day and I think the closest run was called “see forever” which aptly fits this view.

Everybody’s lifestyle ideal is different.  Ours is for flexibility so we can pursue interests in travel and snowsports.  It is in finding a way to spend part of the year close to home, and part of it in foreign lands.  We want a life where we can be “human beings” not “human doings”.  We want to live a long life – to the full, love what we do and do it with ease and grace.  Learning to do this is our most exciting challenge.

Designing our lifestyle so that we can work where we live, and live where we want requires flexibility in approach and adaptability in execution.  It also requires balance – so we can earn the income to support this financially as well as adapt our way of living to be within these means.  It is going to draw on all our creativity and skill to pull this one off.  We are going to have to learn – the hard way and the easy way and every way in between!

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