Local lives

People in local cafeIn this category I am going to feature stories about locals.  These will be lives of people who are just like you and me, who I have encountered in the different locales I move in.  Some initial stories will be inner Melbourne folk, others will be Mt Hotham villagers and others still will be random people I meet.

Everyone’s life is important.  One seemingly ordinary life can be an inspiration to another.  Social connections are significant and one of the characteristics present in communities where people live a long life.

… only about 10% of how long the average person lives, is dictated by our genes … the other 90% is dictated by our lifestyle …
Dan Buettner (longevity coach, National Geographic writer and explorer ) from his TED Talk on How to live to be 100+

You don’t want to live to 100+?  That’s fine – but wherever you get to, you want to go down a path of good health and well-being, right?  So for the social side of things – perhaps by sharing these stories will enable you to connect with others through technology, by social media and with me.  You might just talk to someone about this after reading.  Perhaps you might share your story with me?

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