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One of the things I like to do in winter is crochet. I find the activity somewhat meditative and therapeutic. I sit, crochet and listen to the goings-on around me. It helps me think and process ideas. But I need some new yarns for this. Perhaps you can help?

This season I selected a variegated yarn for a shawl with a cowl neck. It is an easy pattern that will not require too much focused attention, enabling me to still enjoy the yarns being told around me. It feels right to have such a project available to engage with in winter.

Yarn-crafts are good for you
Did you know that such handcrafts (eg crocheting and knitting) are good for your health? Benefits include:

  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • fostering  the ability to cope with illness (physical or mental)
  • decreasing the risk of cognitive impairment as you age

How this works …
Crocheting and knitting activity entails relaxed, repetitive motions that help calm down the body and the brain. It is suggested that it can help people get through both physical and mental illnesses. The calming effects flow on to claims of boosting immunity and self-esteem. It seems that the benefits are endless and are the themes of a blog about crocheting called crochet concupiscience! Who knew?

Social benefits
Knitting and crocheting is social. The coming together of crafters in formal or informal groups usually fosters a supportive environment. Many things are shared there. The sharing is more than just patterns, techniques and ideas. There is usually a sharing of stories, at times, handing them down. There are stories and anecdotes that share the culture of a family, group or society.

New yarns sought
My craft yarn and project are chosen. But that’s where I come unstuck. I need new stories. In the absence of a real yarn-craft circle here, perhaps there may be a virtual one. Perhaps you can provide inspiration? Do you have a yarn to share that I can retell through my blog?

My interest areas are

  • learning
  • flexible lifestyles
  • good news stories

I would love it if you would engage with me in this yarn-sharing process. To connect, email me privately  or respond below.

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