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Davenport drive Heading to the orchard Skierless slopes Leaving the CBD work-life for one in the snowfields and the 2014 season was a great choice. Beauty.  Skiing (almost) daily. Great people. Fun and laughter. A sense of being in a village and of connection with others.

That’s not to say it’s not hard work, or that it doesn’t require effort to manage. Why do so many suggest I am brave to do this?  To walk away from the security of regular work and pay? To live in space-challenged lodgings, often with communal kitchens and facilities?

Let’s hear from those who have chosen this path and find out the “who, what, where, when and why” of their journeys.  They come as singles, couples, families and represent all generations.  The other question that is interesting, is “how” they manage this lifestyle.


For some, it is a choice – planned and managed. For others … the consequence of other events like employment changes. For many it is about balance.  Balancing snow and city careers or work and life. And there are those who are just plain passionate about the snow, skiing and being in this environment. They chase that white stuff throughout the year on both sides of the equator …

Are they completely mad?  No – there are conscious, rational decision-making moments there.  This is followed by quite a bit of reflection and working out what is really important in life and what it will take to enable it in dollars and sense!

In future posts I am going to talk to some of these people and get an insight into how they get to be here, what it took to make it happen, the highs and lows, and what will bring them back!  And, as we lead into the 2015 season there will be a fresh batch of people to talk to!


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Congratulations John and Joy, As a newbie I always had a sense of security if I ever needed advice or help. I knew that I would never have to hesitate to ask. I have met so many people throughout this experience and all of them know and admire John and Joy. I wish them all good things in the future in their snow home as their grandchildren call it.

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