Weekend one: Experiment with composition

Point Nepean

Point Nepean is a beautiful natural landscape, a special place with much to see and discover.  It has a rich history and played an important role in shaping the early settlement, quarantine and defence of Victoria. 

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The first step …

Out of bounds

Out of the structure of organisational life and into the “bubble” of living and working in a ski resort … on the way to having a different and more flexible lifestyle. That was my first step in this endeavour.

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Day one: Home and getting oriented

Home photography101Home is where my heart is.  I have lived in many places, and moved house many times. When I bought the house I live in now, the thing that sold me was a two-storey pergola in the backyard. 

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Local lives

People in local cafeIn this category I am going to feature stories about locals.  These will be lives of people who are just like you and me, who I have encountered in the different locales I move in.  Some initial stories will be inner Melbourne folk, others will be Mt Hotham villagers and others still will be random people I meet.

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