Start the weekend with a good news post on Fridays

Kindness cardsNow that our Japanese tour of duty is over, it is time to change my Friday food treat post routine. In its place I am going to do a “good news” post. In a world where the news is full of reports about conflict, violence and negativity, there is a need for good news stories. Good news on Friday could be a great food for thought heading into the weekend.

Simple acts of kindness
Let me tell you about an organisation I discovered. It is called the Wake Up Project. Their aim seems to be making the world a little kinder”. 

Jono Fisher founded the Wake Up Project and started his kindness revolution in 2009. He started out by creating some kindness cards and then organising events to promote and celebrate mindful living and leadership. The website has the details here:

About the kindness cards
The kindness cards are sent out to people to use when carrying out acts of kindness. It is a three step process:

  1. Think kind – think of something kind you could do for someone.
  2. Act kind – carry out your act of kindness anonymously.
  3. Leave a card – the kindness card tells the person about your kind act and asks them to repeat the game with someone else.

There is a space to share and read stories of acts of kindness. It is a place to go to have your faith restored in human kindness. The idea of paying it forward is promoted by the Wake Up Project, further encouraging people to spread their kindness to others.

Would you share a little kindness?
Would you engage in random acts of kindness like this? It seems like people do. Who would have ever thought that organisations like this would be set up to encourage kindness among people? Is it something we need now – to have these acts facilitated by social media third parties? Have we “lost” the art of kindness?

I think not. This is just a bonus – using 21st century communication methods to spread the word to a much wider audience. It is a worthwhile endeavour to encourage positive behaviour. Showing kindness to others helps us connect with others and meets some of our basic human needs.

Will you join in this kindness initiative?

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