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Point of reflection: 500th blog post

Photo credit - Joshua Fuller via unsplash.com

Photo credit – Joshua Fuller via unsplash.com

The Word from a Bird blog has reached a milestone: 500 blog posts! I nearly fell off my perch when I realised this. 500 blog posts over three years = thousands of words, lots of late nights and learning along the way. This was all made possible by you.

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What I learnt from losing my blog

Photo credit – Markus Spiske via unsplash.com

Recently I had some web-hosting issues that resulted in access problems – for you and me.  One day I was merrily blogging away, the next I couldn’t get in and couldn’t work out what the problem was or why it occurred. Many hours of “online chat” and contact with the Support centre and I’m back.  What surprised me was how much I missed it!

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