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What you can learn from online education


Photo credit - pexels.com

Photo credit – pexels.com

There are many things you can learn online. The range of information and expertise available to the general public is astounding. What’s more it’s free! Are you taking advantage of this? If not, why not?

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What is the value of an education?

Photo credit - David Cantelli via unsplash.com

Photo credit – David Cantelli via unsplash.com

I was at the gym recently, just doing my thing, and listening to the conversation between some young people around me. What I heard was that someone had finished a degree but had no job in the area. (My guess – taking a gap year in Niseko!) There were exchanges about degrees and their value. I suggested that it was something no one could take away from them. And further, that it was evidence that they knew how to learn. It made me think though – what is the real value of education?

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