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Five self-education hacks that won’t cost you a fortune

Photo credit - pexels.com

Photo credit – pexels.com

Attending training and conferences are expensive activities. If you are a sole trader or someone who pays for their own self-development, these may present an expense that you choose not to take on. There are ways around this.

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Three lifelong learning courses

Photo credit - Luca Bravo via unsplash. com

Photo credit – Luca Bravo via unsplash. com

Have you engaged with MOOCs yet? They have been around for 5 years or so and have courses offered through leading global universities. You can engage in many of their courses for free. So if your answer to my question was “no”, my next question has to be “Why not?” They present great ways to engage in lifelong learning!

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Unlearning – a critical part of learning

Photo credit - Frederica Campanaro

Photo credit – Frederica Campanaro

Have you ever heard the term “unlearning”? It is just as important to progress as learning is. It is not about forgetting. It is a whole different way of looking at learning.

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Learning – a MOOC point

Photo credit - Tran Mau Tri Tam via unsplash.com

Photo credit – Tran Mau Tri Tam via unsplash.com

MOOCs are one of the things that have transformed learning opportunities. They provide access to a vast range of courses from recognised learning institutions across the world. You can use these courses to enhance your career.

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What’s your personal brand?

Brand you

Personal brand? Brand “you”? Building your brand? Differentiating yourself? What does it all mean?

And … does it even matter if you are living a flexible life?

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What can you learn from social media?

Social media graphic

Many think of social media as providing recreational social activity. In fact, there are many social platforms that provide channels for social learning.

What’s social learning?

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