Thank God It's Friday

It’s Friday. Thank God? Well Friday has been like any other day for me for a while … but that’s about to change.

I have enjoyed many days of working from home when Fridays were no more significant than any other day. Now, I am about to start a work contract that means I will have regular work days. Fridays will be work free though – so the sense of gratitude for Fridays may return – TGIF!

‘Friday’ is about hanging out with friends, having fun. I felt like it was my personality in that song.
~ Rebecca Black

There is something rewarding about having regular work days and regular days off. The discipline of work before leisure time heightens the enjoyment and adds to the anticipation of the day off. So come Monday, I return to the paid work force and to paying tribute to hump days and Fridays.

I have a position that allows for flexibility though. Three days in the office and one working from home. That is the way it was offered to me, no negotiation necessary.

I have met many professionals working in organisations on flexible arrangements who, despite wanting change jobs, feel compelled to stay. Compelled or trapped? They don’t think they will be able to find another flexible position in a new organisation. They are sure they will need to start in a full-time capacity to prove their worth before moving to a flexible arrangement.

Does this mean things are changing? I hope so. Flexibility is so much part of the expectation of work life nowadays – it is time organisations offered it as a matter of course. I am pleased to be joining one that does. Does your work place do this?

I will enjoy this Friday, but probably not as much as the next one. Enjoy yours. TGIF!

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