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Photo by Alexander Aarao-Ward on

Photo by Alexander Aarao-Ward on

True strength is not the ability to overpower another person but the ability to be comfortable in yourself in all uncomfortable situations in life.
~ Sri Avinash

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I just discovered this today. I have not responded to many posts sadly, but there is not one that I haven’t read. In many ways I rely on receiving a post from Word from a Bird, which I can grow and strengthen even at this age and one is never too old to strengthen and grow. You appreciate more of the world and all that’s in it’s offerings.
I deeply miss my friends and Hotham family that I grew to learn, love and know about and then work hard with everyone’s support. It’s such a different experience that my first season completely changed my life coming from being a mother to a family of 4 children, many of those years on my own, through being in the secondary world of teaching for 38 years and running my own business on top of that, teaching from home and being the mum, shopper cleaner , cooker , carer …blah blah blah and then being me in between it all.
Being far away from it all is opening my heart to talk and because I don’t know the people that I am now communicating with, it’s pouring out as I know I am not just yet again, sharing my sorrows with my friends and absolutely don’t want to. What friend wants another sad face in their face. We all need a happy face. Can’t do it with my family, don’t want to do it with my friends……where is the outlet to communicate?/ Physiologists …yes but you just wind up telling the same story with NO outcome. Maybe just that you have spoken…I have not felt care or been given the answers. Just an out pouring. It felt good but then to no purpose worth pursuing. Perhaps I have spoken too much, but I felt this to be a good opportunity for me and I think I needed it and I thank you Mary for all your energy that you research and provide for us all that read you each post. You are a wonder.
I hope I haven’t done the wrong thing here. I felt I needed to.

Hedy xxxxxxx



    Hi Hedy
    Sorry to be tardy in responding to you. I watch your travels with interest but understand the challenge of being far from friends and family for an extended period. I been in a bit of a lull with posts – just too busy getting things done for the next chapter. You’ll read that in the next post.
    The Hotham community is a special one and it is still here waiting for your return. People come and go. Things change but at its core, the Hotham community remains true.
    Enjoy your time in Europe. Soon it will be but a memory. So bring lots of good ones home to share!
    Best wishes

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