Photo credit - Jesse Orrico via

Photo credit – Jesse Orrico via

It is time to try something new. I am going to run a series of short posts on brain training. These tips are aimed to provide strategies that are easy to pick up and apply in a range of situations. They are short, sharp and easily executed. 

How to succeed?
Much success in learning comes from having the right mindset from the start. That means a couple of things:

  • positive self-belief – believing it is possible to learn something new or seemingly challenging, and being patient with yourself in the process
  • a growth mindset – believing that while you may not have it conquered yet, with effort and application you will get there

What could you learn?
Well – that question is answered with another – what do you want to learn? Volition is a great contributor to learning success. Most people who want to do something, will achieve it despite odds stacked against them.

What if you don’t want to learn?
We can come with that mindset too. Perhaps something is forced on us (through work or circumstance). Is there part of your job you don’t really like? Has there been a change in your role and now you have to do something that takes you out of your comfort zone? The interesting turnaround that can happen is when you do learn something you didn’t think you wanted to. You can surprise yourself with the satisfaction that comes from this sort of achievement.

Will you come for the ride?
This series aims to provide you with tools to make learning manageable, but most of all achievable. It is about training your brain. It can lead to unexpected outcomes, undiscovered pleasures and unknown challenges. Will you come for the ride?

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