Truth in storytelling – the moment

Photo credit - Patrick Tomasso via

Photo credit – Patrick Tomasso via

This is the third post about truth in storytelling. The previous posts dealt with Storytelling-truth-to the-teller and Storytelling truth to the audience. This one deals with Truth to the moment.

Being true to the moment, means crafting your story to suit it.

A great storyteller never tells a story the same way twice.
(Guber, 2007, p. 5).

The uniqueness of the moment
Storytellers see the unique in each relayed experience. A story involving the same subject should sound different each time. It should be crafted to suit the context. There can be lots of preparation of this, or it can happen in the moment when the storyteller changes direction in a turn on a dime. In fact, you need to do both.

Practice. Practice. Practice.
Whilst it seems like a contradiction, preparation is important. Practice. Practice. Practice. Know your story. Know where it’s points of variation are best nested. Know it so well that it can almost become you. Therein lies the truth. In the moment, you respond in a way that is congruent with both you the teller and your audience.

When, and only when you have your story “in” you, can you really capitalise on the spontaneity that happens in those powerful moments between storyteller and audience.

Hone your craft
Storytelling is a craft, honed through practice. So – to achieve your truth in the moment, practice needs to be your game plan. This is a piece of advice I could well use (note to self). I am prone to repeating the same story, without much variation. I need some practice too.

Be unpredictable, be real, be interesting. Tell a good story.
~ James Dashner

What about you? Are you making the most of your storytelling truths to the moment? Do tell …

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