Thoughts about trust …

Photo credit - Stephanie Ecate via

Photo credit – Stephanie Ecate via

Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.
~ Stephen Covey

Tips for unlocking stress

Photo credit - Cristina Gottardi via

Photo credit – Cristina Gottardi via

How do you avoid stress and burnout? Is it something you see coming? Or, is it something like “how to boil a frog” … it creeps up on you and is upon you before you know it? Here are some mindsets that may help you “unlock” stress factors in your life.

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Friday food treat: Bonito flakes


Bonito flakes are used often used as a garnish in Japanese salads and flavouring in many dishes. When added to a hot dish, the flakes “wave” or “dance” on the surface of the food, which catches the eye of diners! They are in fact a fish product.

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Background photo credit - Joanne Kosinska via

Background photo credit – Joanna Kosinska via

Every so often, I am brought back to the purpose of this blog – to seek out the things that make a flexible lifestyle work. With that goes the incumbent learning, and the experiences that accompany the journey. What are the things that make it possible though?

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Three tips for managing difficult conversations

Photo credit - Colt Hudson via

Photo credit – Colt Hudson via

Truly listening to someone is one of the greatest gifts of generosity you can make. It is also a key component to being able to manage difficult conversations. Here are three tips that will aid you in being more effective in ALL conversations – not just the difficult ones.

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