Am I ready for the big reveal?

Photo credit - author's own

Photo credit – author’s own

The big reveal! On the reality TV renovation shows, there is a lot of build up to the moment when they reveal the outcome of the rebuilding and building renewal efforts that entertain viewers each week. There will be no such drama associated with mine, which will probably happen next week!

It’s time to remove the wig! Underneath, my hair is regrowing steadily in a healthy steel grey colour. As with all post chemo hair growth, it is different to the hair I lost all those months ago. And, there is a bit of a kink in it – although too early to tell how curly it will be.

I have chosen to stay with the colour as it is for the time being, and not subject the scalp to chemical colouring yet. I have warned people at work that I am going to turn up looking very different soon. It will be a shock!

The wig is a short, sleek bob – mid-brown with highlights. It gives the appearance of having a lot of hair. It has served me well and when I tell people – they are surprised to know my story. Going to work with my very short hair is a big change. I have been testing it out – on the morning exercise class (Crossfit Unreal) and my friend Annabel (the personal stylist). She has been encouraging, providing ideas for how to wear it and accessories to enhance my appearance. Was I always so vane?

Sounds like a lot of fuss over hair doesn’t it? It does make a big contribution to your appearance and identity.

Photo credit - author's own

Photo credit – author’s own

One friend made the observation that without hair, there is little to distinguish you from being male. Gender is an important part of identity. Head hair is noticeable. Whatever else has happened to you through surgery and treatment, is usually undercover. Not so, the hair or lack of it.

I have actually had quite a good time of it. I found lots of good ways of wearing scarves as turbans, bandannas and head wraps. With a good collection of these in my wardrobe I managed to match most outfits and spend no extra money on head-ware and of course saved a bomb at the hairdresser. So really, the big reveal is just the next step in the journey.

So, roll on Monday, the weeks and months and soon I will have a different head of hair again.

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Ross McLeod

You go babe!


All the nice people have short grey hair.




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