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How to have a career and see the world

James is the manager of Monty’s restaurant and bar in Hirafu village. He is one of the first business owners I met – largely due to his coffee-making prowess! Many coffees and conversations later, he agreed to tell me more about his flexible lifestyle.

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Friday food post: Takoyaki

Takoyaki (00B)

Takoyaki is is a ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter, cooked in a special moulded pan. It is a little like gem-irons – small cylindrical repositories. The contents are delicious.

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Possessions and puddles of pleasure

Photo credit - Jean Downs via

Photo credit – Jean Downs via

What are the best things to spend your money on – possessions or experiences? Some might say that possessions last longer and this contributes to value. Others say that the purchase of possessions is akin to “puddles of pleasure” – that don’t last long before they dry up. Interesting research expands on these ideas.

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Friday food treat: Shichi-mi togarashi


Shichi-mi togarashi is also known as Japanese seven spice powder. As the name suggests it contains seven ingredients that blend to make a spicy flavour in salad dressings or other meat dishes. If you think this is a Japanese version of Chinese 5 spice powder – think again, and read on.

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Thoughts about money …

Photo credit - Tim Gouw via

Photo credit – Tim Gouw via

If you work just for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours.
~ Ray Kroc

The value of a lunch break

Photo credit - Henrique Felix via

Photo credit – Henrique Felix via

Do you take a break at lunch? Or, do you stay at your desk and have a “bun on the run” while doing work? If you do, you may like to rethink that!

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Friday food treat: Yakiniku – Japanese BBQ

BBQ action

Yakiniku is a Japanese barbeque – a meat feast. We were served trays meat, a plate of vegetables, a bowl of rice and condiments that included soy sauce, garlic, chilli and pepper. Then the fun began!

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Friday food treat: Bonito flakes


Bonito flakes are used often used as a garnish in Japanese salads and flavouring in many dishes. When added to a hot dish, the flakes “wave” or “dance” on the surface of the food, which catches the eye of diners! They are in fact a fish product.

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Background photo credit - Joanne Kosinska via

Background photo credit – Joanna Kosinska via

Every so often, I am brought back to the purpose of this blog – to seek out the things that make a flexible lifestyle work. With that goes the incumbent learning, and the experiences that accompany the journey. What are the things that make it possible though?

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