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What are your goals for 2017?

Photo credit - Glen Carrie via

Photo credit – Glen Carrie via

Goals are worth making. They give you something to work towards. A purpose. A plan. The thing is to keep them simple. 

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Friday food treat: Food vans in Hirafu

Food vans in downtown Hirafu

Food vans in downtown Hirafu

Hirafu village is the main hub for the Niseko United resort area. Apart from snowsports businesses, it hosts a range accommodation from hostels to deluxe penthouses and food outlets with restaurants, cafes and bars offering eastern and western food and beverage menus. Then there are the food vans!

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The spirit of Christmas in Niseko

Photo credit - Les Anderson via

Photo credit – Les Anderson via

Christmas in a ski resort. First thoughts – expensive food and drink menus? Yes, probably. Every restaurant was booked out – since August! Behind the scenes though, there were other things afoot proving the Christmas spirit was alive and well in the Niseko region.

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Friday food treat: Yakitori

Photo credit - Jessie Beck via

Photo credit – Jessie Beck via

Many Japanese restaurants offer izakaya or sharing plates. One of the dishes that is frequently offered, is skewered meat grilled over coals. This is called yakitori and it is delicious!

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Friday food treat: Okonomiyaki



Today’s food treat is okonomiyaki, a savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients. This dish is usually associated with Osaka (Kansai region) or Hiroshima.

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How to avoid burnout

Photo credit - Milada Vigerova via

Photo credit – Milada Vigerova via

Burnout is not something you want to go through. Those who do though, may have been able to prevent the experience if they heeded some warning signs. The nub of the solution, is recognising the signs in yourself early. But how, if you are going through a rough time?

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Induction into a new world of work

Even though I started working in the ski school a few weeks ago, I only recently attended the company induction program. Sixty-five of us were there. This was new for me. I am usually on the other side delivering the training. So began the first of many changes in my new world of work.

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Friday treat: Ramen

Photo credit -

Photo credit –

A hearty soup appreciated on a cold day in the snow, is ramen. It is not hard to cook but I am led to believe that making the stock is a long process.

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Ingredients of a new lifestyle

Photo credit - author's own

Photo credit – author’s own

A shopping expedition to the Lucky supermarket in Kutchan is a multi-sensory experience and an adventure. The large supermarket space is akin to any other such store across the world. So what differentiates this one? A few distinctive ingredients.

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Friday treat – Coffee in a can

Photo author's own

Photo author’s own

The Japanese love vending machines. Buying hot drinks in vending machines is par for the course, and one of my work colleagues is often buying cafe au lait!

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