Don’t end the work week without doing these three things …

3 things

The weekend is almost here. Are you ready to leave the work week behind you and pick it up again on Monday? Here are three things to help. 

Sometimes work and its accompanying stress stay with you when you are far from work. Keeping the two separate, is important to retain some balance and down time. It is about managing boundaries. To do this means making some mental checks before you leave your workplace.

Here are three things you can do to enhance your weekend enjoyment, and your effectiveness come Monday. In essence, these are things that will help you mentally close the door on work for a couple of days, give your mind and body a rest from it, and return refreshed.

1. Acknowledge the week’s achievements
Consider what you achieved in the week. If these are on a “to do” list – check them off.  Anything not completed goes on the top of the list for the next week. Acknowledge these and their contribution to your productivity.

2. Reflect on those achievements
Review your achievements and consider your roses and thorns – things that went well, things that could be improved. Congratulate yourself on your roses. Make a plan to address the thorns differently in the week ahead.

3. Plan the week ahead
Form an action plan for the week that follows. It will include the incomplete items from this week, and the flow-on tasks for the next. Your improvement measures will be part of this. Already you have been proactive in getting organised for the week following.

With these things in hand, you can mentally wrap up your work. You have reviewed and completed the report. You have put things in place for the next week. You can go home and “leave work at work”. You have earned yourself a mental break as well as physical separation from the workplace. You deserve it. Enjoy the weekend and look forward to your next Monday!

Do you have any tips for managing work-life balance? I would love to hear them.

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