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In keeping with this blog’s tagline of learning and lifestyle and lots more, today’s post is a light-hearted look at the first two.

There are many predictable things you need to learn and do in life, including the daily chores (yawn). There are also many surprisingly unpredictable things that can be quite small and trivial, that can change your day. Perhaps they are lifestyle “hacks”? These ones came from my internet meanderings.

How to fold a fitted sheet
In my blog browsing, I came across this video clip (<2 minutes) which turns a frustrating task into an easy one. Chalk one up for improved lifestyle!

Find a recipe to suit your ingredients
Have a random assortment of food and ingredients and don’t know what to make? Go to www.myfridgefood.com enter the ingredients you have and it will give you suggestions of what to make.

How to use your i-phone for conference calls
This video (<2minutes) shows how to use your i-phone for calls with multiple people.

LinkedIn explained
This Commoncraft video clip simplifies how LinkedIn works – in less than 3 minutes.

An easy card trick to try on your friends
This video (<5.5 minutes) demonstrates a simple and straightforward card trick with no sleight of hand required for success.

Hope you have fun with these.

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