Friday food treat: Edamame


Edamame is boiled/steamed soy beans. They are usually served warm, garnished with salt and are great as a snack with drinks. They are one of the easiest things to prepare and eat, if you can find them!

Source: wikipedia

Source: wikipedia

About edamame
Edamame are served as pods. To prepare them, cover the pods with large grains of unrefined salt. Once coated, place  into boiling water for about three to four minutes. Edamame is eaten by dragging the pods between your teeth to release the beans into your mouth. Eat the beans, discard the pods.

The good thing about this snack is its nutritional content. Edamame has lots of important ingredients and dietary value.

We like them straight up, with salt. There are other garnishes eg with chilli that you can try. There are a few different ways of serving of using them in dishes as suggested below.

Serving ideas (not necessarily Japanese)
Mixed with rice – Edamame beans, shelled, mixed with cooked rice.

Stir-fried – Slit the edamame pods and release the beans. Stir fry them with other ingredients including rise and an egg.

Bean salad – Toss edamame with other beans o make a salad. Dress with cumin, garlic, lime juice, and black-eyed peas.

Puree into a dip – Puree edamame beans with lemon, mint, and pecorino cheese to make a dip.

Finding edamame
I am not sure where you will find edamame. They are with frozen vegetables here but that’s probably because they are not harvested in winter. I am sure they will be with the fresh produce, when in season. Buying these at home is not such a straight-forward exercise. Best bet – look in the frozen foods section.

Source: All About Japan


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