Season end


2019 was a bumper snow season and the second year of great snowfalls. With record snowfalls, increased visitor numbers and an extended season, it is no surprise that resort workers have also welcomed its end.  

A big season is a good thing
A big season restores faith in the Australian snowfields. Many people who prefer to ski overseas, returned to the domestic slopes. Visitors new to snowsports, ventured into the high country. Business was good for hospitality and tourism enterprises. People new to this seasonal work had a terrific introduction to how great an Australian season can be.

All good things come to an end
A good season can be intense. People work hard and play hard. So the season coming to an end is a chance to rest and relax, to enjoy the change of weather and pace.

New things are borne in Spring
With Spring comes new life, new growth and renewal. The idea of dead wood from winter being cut back to allow new shoots to come through, can be useful. After shrugging off the demands of the cold season, it is good to find your new warm weather skin. It presents an opportunity for new things in all areas of life.

Looking for a new breath of life
Perhaps it is time for some new life to come into this blog. It feels like it needs new energy and enthusiasm. Perhaps a lightness can spring forth with the new season changes? After getting into a groove of following the winters, it may be time for a change. So that is where I am headed …

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