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Essential daily nutrients for a healthier, more sociable and more resilient lifestyle

Photo credit - Hernan Sanchez via unsplash.com

Photo credit – Hernan Sanchez via unsplash.com

Did you know that a hug can be one way you can get essential daily nutrients that nourish well-being? Essential daily nutrients don’t always refer to food. In this post, read about some daily habits that can result in better physical and mental health.

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How much should you work to maintain a healthy life?

Photo credit - pexels.com

Photo credit – pexels.com

According to recent research by the Australian National University (ANU), a healthy work load is 39 hours a week. Working more than this can put your health at risk. It seems that women are more sensitive to this than men becuase of their other domestic responsibilities. In a workforce that is seeing a larger representation of working women, this is concerning for organisations and their people alike.

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How to have a career and see the world

James is the manager of Monty’s restaurant and bar in Hirafu village. He is one of the first business owners I met – largely due to his coffee-making prowess! Many coffees and conversations later, he agreed to tell me more about his flexible lifestyle.

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Possessions and puddles of pleasure

Photo credit - Jean Downs via pixabay.com

Photo credit – Jean Downs via pixabay.com

What are the best things to spend your money on – possessions or experiences? Some might say that possessions last longer and this contributes to value. Others say that the purchase of possessions is akin to “puddles of pleasure” – that don’t last long before they dry up. Interesting research expands on these ideas.

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The value of a lunch break

Photo credit - Henrique Felix via unsplash.com

Photo credit – Henrique Felix via unsplash.com

Do you take a break at lunch? Or, do you stay at your desk and have a “bun on the run” while doing work? If you do, you may like to rethink that!

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The spirit of Christmas in Niseko

Photo credit - Les Anderson via unsplash.com

Photo credit – Les Anderson via unsplash.com

Christmas in a ski resort. First thoughts – expensive food and drink menus? Yes, probably. Every restaurant was booked out – since August! Behind the scenes though, there were other things afoot proving the Christmas spirit was alive and well in the Niseko region.

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Thoughts about holidays …

Photo credit - Olivier

Photo credit – Olivier Guillard via unsplash.com

Holidays are about experiences and people, and tuning into what you feel like doing at that moment. Enjoy not having to look at a watch.
~ Evelyn Glennie

Friday food treat: Sake


We cannot visit Japan without trying some sake. There is a lot to know about it too – how to serve it, how to drink it and how it is made. One thing we already know – is how to enjoy it!

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