U-turn is our game-changer!



The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray.
~ Robert Burns

Our game changer is not one of great innovation. We had great plans – all laid out with contingencies in place. What we didn’t count on was a health scare. So, we’ll stay. No Japan this year.

I will get chemotherapy treatment over the next three months and then we will reset our course.

The trick is in what one emphasises. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same. 
~ Carlos Castaneda

So in recalibrating, resetting the compass and the focus of the next few months, there is an approach we aim to take.

  1. Take stock – I need to take care of myself, get the treatment I need, look after myself and get back to good health.
  2. We need to be willing to let our plans go (if temporarily), to focus on being at home, getting well, and getting back to purposeful work.
  3. Open up to possibilities – what new experiences might this bring and how do we use them?
  4. Celebrate the abundance of what we have – be grateful for the life we have and the people in it.
  5. Stop and reflect along the way – learn! Every now and again, stop to check progress and that we are on the track we want to be on.

It is easy to say all this, ahead of actually carrying it out. I am sure that there will be hard days ahead, and I will have wobbly moments. With Monsieur Controleur at my side we will work through this.

That what does not kill us makes us stronger.
~Friedrich Nietzsche

Meanwhile, in the spirit of the day with the announcements about government efforts to boost innovation – we also need to get into our own “ideas boom” going and generate new options around our activities for the next few months.

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