What you can learn from online education


Photo credit - pexels.com

Photo credit – pexels.com

There are many things you can learn online. The range of information and expertise available to the general public is astounding. What’s more it’s free! Are you taking advantage of this? If not, why not?

Free online education
There are a range of courses you can take that are available to everyone who has internet access. The cost? Free. Unless you seek some form of certification. In that case, you will pay a small fee.

Coursera’s founders
The founders of Coursera were interested in sharing knowledge with a wider audience than those who could afford an education. Already with internet access, it presupposes that you have some resources. However, that may be achieved through various means. An education through Coursera and other MOOCs (mass online open courses) is available to all who can “connect”.

Find out more about the foundation story here:

It is twenty minutes that could inspire you, change the colour of your life or open up new doors.

Coursera has many big-name universities on its list. It is well worth a look, here: Coursera

I urge you to continue your lifelong education through these offerings!



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